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Cairn Cunnane

Cairn Cunnane


Cairn first sculpted with clay in high school. Soon it was on to more durable metals. But it was the discovery of fire and heat and temporary plasticity of red hot metal that led him into architectural blacksmithing. Many years of learning led to developing his own forms and ideas. Now, by mixing  ancient blacksmith techniques with state of the art methods, Cairn pushes the depths and limits of metals to explore forms and a connection with some sense of the mystery around us. His commissions range from hand held sculptures to large architectural installations, and include some Public Art Commissions. Most pieces start with sketches and models, and then the whole process often becomes an adventure, continually developing his own vocabulary of evolving forms.

Artistic approach

Blending ancient blacksmith techniques with cutting-edge methods, Cairn explores the depths and limits of metals in the expressions of life. Currently, he explores the intersections of figurative, architectural and vegetal forms, and their links with the sense of mystery that surrounds us. Most of his work is created for specific people, places, or ideas, and ranges from hand to large architectural installations.

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