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Christine Gagné


Contemporary sculptor and painter born in Montreal in 1966, Christine Gagne holds a degree in fashion design and has worked in Los Angeles for 9 years before starting her art career.

Her artwork reshapes women in folkloric and mythical milieu. Her weightless and detailed figurative style provides the gracefulness and movement required to encapsulate the often strong and ultra-feminine subjects. 

Installed as Master of Fine Arts by the International Fine Arts Academy in Quebec, Canada, awarded by the Academy of Art, Science and letter of Paris with a silver medal in 2017, Christine Gagne has won multiple awards  in Canada, in Europe and in the United States.

Artistic approach

Contemporary sculptor and painter, Christine Gagné is a native of Montreal. At a very young age, she stood out for her creative talent and dexterity in the visual arts. After completing studies in fashion design, she began her career in the clothing industry and moved to Los Angeles. During her 9 years spent on American soil, she devoted her free time to pursuing her exploration of the visual arts. It was during this period that she discovered a great passion for sculpture. She then offered specialized training in the United States, Canada and Europe with master builders in bronze production, stone cutting, jewelry and modeling. Today, Christine Gagné has long since returned to the fold, invested with all her artistic, technical and cultural discoveries. Her figurative and unique style becomes clearer over time, springing from a very personal inner world full of emotion, movement and femininity. Her works are the result of a reflection on the presence and influence of women in all cultural identity contexts. His muses lend themselves to role-playing, emerging from folklore or a popular tradition, ambassador of a season, an era or even a mythical universe. Several materials are present in the artist's work, which also includes pictorial productions. However, it is bronze that best renders his creations, whose signature is characterized by the finesse of the workmanship and the daring patinas. Christine Gagné has exhibited her works in symposiums and galleries for several years. She is the recipient of numerous distinctions in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Nomades Célestes
Dimensions : 20 x 17 x 6
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