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Maria Saracino


Maria Saracino founded her first artistic roots through graphic design, however the discovery of polymer clay and the versatile aspects of this new medium changed her approach and directed her towards figurative sculpture and became a real passion. Over the past 25 years, she has won numerous awards and participated in museum, individual and group exhibitions as well as multiple publications in North America and abroad. She is now recognized as a polymer clay artist and an ambassador of this medium throughout North America. In addition to her sculptures in various galleries and exhibition centers, Maria also commissions portraits and teaches polymer clay figurative workshops around the world. Maria has also been involved in community projects such as the Wabano Center for Aboriginal Health, the Boys and Girls Club and the Ottawa Catholic School Board. His style is whimsical but realistic at the same time. A timeless mix of emotions. ​ ​



Artistic approach


For Maria, the creative process begins with a moment, feeling or emotion that is familiar to her and her audience. This moment can be in his mind, in a photograph or even in the present. From this precise moment, the process begins with his hands and the clay to become a three-dimensional sculpture. The sculpture begins with an armature, followed by a first layer of skin, a second more worked layer and finally the finishing details. Maria realistically captures the features of the figure, in a whimsical and playful way. The final details are subtle and tell a story that delights its audience. It tells a story: that of a character who is sometimes fictitious, sometimes realistic. Maybe that character is you?

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