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Ovila David Huard


Born in 1965 in Saint-Eustache, Ovila now exhibits his works in the Old and New World, from PortDaniel, in Gaspésie to the Louvre Museum, in Paris.

Artistic approach


Car-washer of the soul or mountebank in adversity.

If the soul occupies a primordial place in the universe of Ovila David Huard, it is around an effervescent world of movements, sounds and colors that he has gravitated since the 1970s – on the fringes of an environment grappling with a dysfunctional cog that propels it into creativity: drawing, music, painting, choreography, fashion, theatrical, urban and rural sets. Outside of his gallery-boutique in Percé, he shares his passion through training sessions. He has been noticed everywhere in Quebec, in Ontario, in many American cities and, more recently, in the greatest European galleries, including that of the Carrousel du Louvre. He was invited to exhibit in Switzerland in 2015 and in Cannes in 2016. “It is by drawing all my life that I can now create directly on a canvas. It is also with the wish that my works pass through time that I started to work with quality mediums and supports. After having also tried several mediums, it was acrylic that won me over. By working in thin layers and in transparency, I improved with the drying time and with different application techniques. I often start a painting without having any idea where I'm going. I just feel like painting! The taste of creating! So I start with a color that I like, Prussian blue. This is often my starting color. I create my atmosphere in my work environment, music, light, I let myself go and suddenly, in movement, the painting shows me the way and a subject suddenly appears.'' He lets himself be carried away by an inspiration from his own life and intended to touch the life of others in an allegorical movement. His characters, his subjects and the object of his inspiration float in a world of dream and happiness – the mirror of his own reality and the source of his theme: “Imagine the imaginary”. “My strength is that everything comes out of my head. My creativity and my imagination are very present. I do not reproduce images, I create 100%. »

Maison Leboutillier
Dimensions : 23 x 19
Dimensions : 24 x 24
Rocket Man
Dimensions : 24 x 24
Tour de rêve
Dimensions : 24 x 72
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