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Rosemary Breault


Rosemary Breaut-Landry graduated (with great distinction) from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, where she studied drawing and sculpture. She has taught these two subjects in Quebec City and Orleans, on the campus of the Ottawa School of Art. She has signed several sponsored monumental works, including a bust (bronze) of Indigenous Senator James Gladstone, exhibited in the foyer of the Senate of Canada, then a bas-relief of Captain Niccola Goddard, heroine of the war in Afghanistan, exhibited at the Museum of War (Ottawa). She recently unveiled a life-size bronze of an officer cadet for the Royal Military College in Kingston. She has always been interested in the artistic representation of the human being in three dimensions and this, in various poses. A portraitist, she believes that the representative portrait provides an accurate idea of ​​our humanity. To this end, she continues to explore this medium, with the aim of capturing the fundamental qualities of the human being, including the physical, intellectual and spiritual dimensions that compose it. His sculptural work revolves around this main theme.

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