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About us

Discover Galerie W, an artistic gem, located in the heart of the Agora in Gatineau! Founded by Sylvette Brière and brought to fruition in June 2023 thanks to a bold alliance with the Ergon Group, this high-end contemporary gallery dazzles with its innovative spirit and unparalleled accessibility.


Working closely with 26 artists from Quebec, Canada and around the world, Galerie W transcends the boundaries of visual art to offer you much more than a simple spectacle for the eyes: a spellbinding experience, imbued with intense emotions. .


As a sales platform, Galerie W offers personalized customer service of excellence, inviting you to immerse yourself in a refined and immersive atmosphere. With a desire to satisfy all tastes and illuminate all decors, W distinguishes itself by celebrating the differences and uniqueness of each person, both in the works exhibited and in the very essence of the team in place. Located in the trendy Agora district, on the Allée de Hamburg, in the very heart of Ergon, the Galerie W blends into an effervescent universe, where enthusiasts of artistic discoveries, culture lovers and epicureans in quest for distinction find themselves.


This vibrant and inspiring district is just waiting for your visit to reveal its hidden treasures. Galerie W, an exceptional showcase for lovers of contemporary art in search of emotions and also unique pieces. Explore our extraordinary selection of paintings and sculptures, carefully chosen to suit all tastes, sizes and budgets. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a curious novice or a shrewd investor, let yourself be seduced by our surprising collection which will not fail to capture your interest but also your heart.


Galerie W, a great creator of emotions!

Our team

  • Sylvette Brière, General Manager and curator


Known by the enigmatic pseudonym of Zooloo, she embodies the very essence of female achievement. Versatile artist, former teacher, director-general of various organizations, businesswoman, curator and passionate gallery owner, she has been involved for more than 25 years in a multitude of projects, bringing her precious contribution to various festivals, to the arts and culture. ​


Now an ambassador for the prestigious Gala Robe Rouge Gatineau, Sylvette Briere shines with a thousand lights thanks to her vast network of contacts, her rich experience, her simplicity, her authenticity, her frank stances and her unconditional loves: people, the arts, artists and bulldogs!


As the proud owner of the new Galerie W, nestled in the very heart of Ergon, in the Agora du Plateau in Gatineau, she not only unveils to us the sublime works of twenty-six artists from here and across the world, but it also presents a whole new business model in the world of galleries and art in general.


Sylvette Brière, your creator of emotions.

  • Mehdi Khettouch, Events collaborator

  • Patrick Culley, Collaborator

Offered services

  • Artwork appraisals ;

  • Sale of works of art (painting, watercolors, inks, wood carvings, bronzes, polymer and more) ;

  • Visual art investment advice ;

  • Management of the 1% for Quebec contractors ;

  • Management of the 2% for Ontario contractors ;

  • Design of custom works.

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