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Our artists

Jonathan Baran.jpg

Jonathan Baran   
Painter / Acrylic on canvas / Figurative

Audrey Bazinet

Audrey Bazinet   
Painter / Acrylic and mixed media / Semi-figurative and abstract

Rosemary Breault.jpg

Rosemary Breault   
Pencil artist and sculptor / Sculptures on hydro stone and cast bronze / Figurative

Cairn Cunnane

Cairn Cunnane   
Sculptor / Sculptures on various metals and alloys

Ovila David Huard 2023.jpg

Ovila David Huard   
Painter / Acrylic on canvas / Figurative

François Faucher.jpg

François Faucher   
Painter / Acrylic on canvas / Figurative

Christine Gagné.jpg

Christine Gagné   
Sculptor Artist / Cast Bronze Sculptures


Karen Goetzinger   
Painter / Acrylic on canvas and mixed media / Abstract

arcade Latour.jpg

Arcade Latour   
Painter / Industrial Inks / Abstract

Marie Danielle Leblanc.JPG

Marie-Danielle Leblanc  
Encaustic Artist / Beeswax / Abstract


Guylaine Magny   
Painter / Ink on paper / Abstract


Bastien Martel   
Sculptor artist / Sculptures on various metals


Painter / Abstract

Kelly Paterson

Kelly Paterson   
Painter / Acrylic and mixed media / Figurative

Mariclair plante.jpg

Mariclair Plante  
Painter / Mixed Media / Abstract

Maria Saracino Photo.jpeg

Maria Saracino  
Sculptor / Sculptures on polymer clay / Figurative

Huges Soucy

Huges Soucy   
Sculptor artist / Sculptures on various metal alloys and stones

roger sutcliffe W IMG_6632.jpg

Roger Sutcliffe 
Monoprinter / Abstract Artist

Anne- filtre reg.jpg

Anne Thériault  
Painter / Mixed media / Abstract


Painter / Mixed media / Semi-figurative

Photo-André Buist.jpg

André Buist 
Aquarelliste, figuratif

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