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Anne Thériault


Anne Thériault is originally from New Brunswick and now resides in Ottawa. As a trained psychologist, she is intimately acquainted with the complexity of human experience and finds therein-unlimited inspiration.

Artistic approach


Her artistic training is ongoing and mostly through workshops and mentorships. The abstract work is grounded in emotions, relational dynamics, and states of being that she has experienced or witnessed and is rendered through acrylic, oils, encaustic, resin, pastel, charcoal, pencils, clay, and spraypaint. In attempting to elicit an empathic response from the viewer she sprays, splashes, scratches, burns, wipes, draws, covers and reveal. Once the painting says YESSSSS, it is done.

Everyday Glory
Dimensions : 36 x 48 
Orange, vert, jaune, couleurs chaudes, Anne Thériault, toile
Just kidding / The joker
Dimensions : 48 x 60
Softer side
Dimensions :  24 x 48
Au diable les limites!
Dimensions : 48 x 60
Au naturel
Dimensions : 36 x 48
Comes shining through 4 U
Dimensions : 36 x 48
Wanna Play?
Dimensions : 36 x 48
Dimensions : 36 x 36
You don't need a reason
Dimensions : 36 x 36
Flesh and blood
Dimensions : 30 x 30
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