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Audrey Bazinet

Audrey Bazinet


Audrey Bazinet is a native of Montreal but has lived in the Outaouais region for over twenty years. She works in her studio in Chelsea and draws her inspiration from the surrounding nature. The Gatineau River, not far from her home, is a recurring theme in her work. Its pure water is a source of healing for the artist during the summer period. During winter, mountain hikes fuel her creative energy. Since obtaining her BAC in arts and design in 2009 with special mention for the creativity of her technique, Audrey exhibits her works regularly in the Outaouais region.  Audrey Bazinet est originaire de Montréal, mais vit en Outaouais depuis plus de vingt ans. Elle travaille dans son atelier à Chelsea et puise son inspiration dans la nature environnante. La rivière Gatineau, non loin de chez elle, est un thème récurrent dans son travail. Son eau pure est une source de ressourcement pour l'artiste pendant la période estivale. En hiver, les randonnées en montagne alimentent son énergie créatrice. Depuis l'obtention de son BAC en arts et design en 2009 avec mention spéciale pour la créativité de sa technique, Audrey expose régulièrement ses œuvres dans la région de l'Outaouais.

Artistic approach

My first inspiration comes from a term used by many musicians: continuous breathing or circular breathing. This technique allows musicians to maintain a breath for a prolonged period of time, up to several hours. Physiologically, it is impossible to exhale and inhale simultaneously. However, some musical instruments (such as the didgeridoo, shehnai or certain flutes) and certain trades (such as a glassblower) require a continuous flow of air from the mouth. Continuous breathing is considered an extended playing technique when used with an instrument that does not require its use to play (saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, etc.). It is regularly used in contemporary music, improvised music and sometimes in jazz.The term circular breathing evokes in me abstract shapes and colors that I represent through acrylic painting. I am greatly influenced by the traditional techniques of Chinese painting (Zao Wou-Ki, Fabienne Verdier) where the precipitous state of mind of the painter is the source of life for each trace and each intervention. My work on canvas evokes interior landscapes that echo the interior feeling of an artist who uses the breath as an artistic vehicle and transmitter of emotions. Production on large canvas format (example 48X60) allows the sensation of movement and lightness of breath to be transmitted more effectively.The horizon line that recurs frequently in my work brings us back to the contemplation of a landscape. This landscape produced by intuition and in a meditative spirit turns out to be a reflection of the forces that inhabit me. These forces draw their energies from contact with water. The Gatineau River is an essential source of rejuvenation for my well-being and the water is reflected both in my technique, my medium and in the imagery of the interior landscape. The movement influenced in my landscapes comes from a movement of my entire body. A form of dance is formed in connection with the elements around me. This is how water, breath and music coexist in my abstract representations. Although these landscapes remain the reflection of my interiority, the viewer discovers the reflection of his own interiority. Whales, meteorites, glaciers, cities, people, etc. Everyone sees and imagines a story that is related to their experience.

AudreyBazinet, Peacockfeathers,acrylique sur toile, 40x60, 2021, 3000$.jpg
AudreyBazinet, PeacockinBlue, 58x48, acrylique sur toile, 2020, 4000$.jpg
Abstract Peacock, acrylique sur toie, 18x60, 2020, 1600$.jpg
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