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Francois Faucher


Born in Thetford Mines (Quebec, Canada) in 1959, François Faucher has been painting since the age of 16. He considers himself a self-taught painter, although in 1978 and 1979 he attended two free workshop sessions with the famous Quebec artist Albert Rousseau. He studied architecture at Laval University and graduated in 1983. Two years later, he became a member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec. During all these years of study and work, he never stopped painting. All his free time is devoted to his art. In 1989, he decided to give up his career in order to paint full time and to promote his new style which he called "vibrationism". François Faucher has presented more than 130 personal and collective exhibitions in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Mexico and Canada. He has also exhibited his works in seven museums in Canada. He presents his work in art galleries in Canada, in the United States and in France. His works can be found in important public, corporate and private collections, including those of Elton John and Billy Joel. Two books are devoted to the career of this internationally renowned artist.  

Artistic approach


“From the age of 16, I began to paint on a regular basis. Like many artists, I enjoyed reproducing nature and landscapes, always giving them a personal touch. In 1983, while painting outside in the bitter cold, I placed a few brushstrokes in the wrong place on the canvas because my hand was shaking. Looking at this painting, I noticed certain vibrations in the image. Subsequently, I exploited this discovery by distorting my subjects at first timidly, then very pronouncedly, hence my detached elements. This personal style that I have called "vibrationism" has been developed through a constant evolution, spanning several years of work and research. When I started this process, landscapes were always my source of inspiration. But as my style became clearer, I felt the need to create my own subjects in the studio. Anything that influences me in everyday life could become a subject to explore, such as sports, children, cars, travel and music. Having received musical training in my youth, this theme took up almost all the space in my production for several years. Then, my painting evolved towards different subjects. Faces, sometimes deformed, sometimes divided in two, often very colorful, appeared on my paintings. But I must admit that music is still my favorite subject. Throughout this evolution, I studied colors very intensely. I am constantly looking for new colors. I like to create and innovate. I also like to do things differently from others. When I was an architect, I deplored the fact of being constantly hampered in my creativity, because of the excessive budgetary restrictions imposed by the clients. Painting offers me this opportunity to give free rein to my imagination, without any obstruction. Which allowed me to develop a unique style; “vibrationism”, which now has recognition in three countries; Canada, the United States and France. After 47 years of career, I have not stopped working to make "vibrationism" known and I am today very proud of what I have accomplished. » 

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