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Mariclair Plante


Born in Ste-Anne de la Rochelle, Quebec and established in Sherbrooke since 1980, Marie-Claire (Mariclair) Plante began her artistic career in 1995. Self-taught, her unconventional training is acquired over the years through his encounters, experiences, travels, reading and class with great masters.  A collaboration on creative thinking with sculptor and painter, Laurent Bonet was decisive for her.   Passionate and attentive to her great sensitivity, her instinct guides her in the world of abstract art.  Her inspiration is revealed in her freedom of expression, to achieve this she declines her practice in a few series ‘Energy, Emotion, Perception, Ikebana, Cocooning’.   His energetic and sensory gestures touch the depth of feelings. Mariclair’s paintings have seduced collectors around the world.

Since 2012, it has been winning awards in Canada, Europe and the United States. It is represented by several galleries in Canada and internationally. “Also, each of his paintings has its own story which is expressed however by the unsaid and an infinity of nuances all in roundness with softness and poetry. This explains the feeling of voluptuousness that one feels in contact with his work which tomorrow could well reach great heights. Without a doubt, the name of Marie-Claire Plante will leave an indelible mark on our painting today.” M. Robert Bernier, expert and art historian.

Artistic approach


Contemporary painter, Mariclair exposes a dialogue stemming from lyrical abstraction, one of the major foundations of her current practice. Inspired by the automatism, unconscious and abstract expressionism trends, her vibrant, moving, and poetic artworks, project us into a universe where delicacy meets the imperceptible. The artist paints her vivid, ardent, and sincere feelings that add an emotive charge to her work. Her paintings grasp multiple facets of the human being which illustrate the positivism of the artist, but let a perpetual transformation unravel.  A state of being in suspension, free from the interference and constraints of daily life, from which spouts out her "pictorial synchronicities". An initial and introductory gesture, such as a dance expressing a movement fluidity leading to a cohesive whole, strong but of an almost inexplicable, but tangible delicacy. The sensitivity emanating from her work evolves into an unconscious truth, an experience that carries hope, strength, expression of life but also freedom. Each work invites you for a unique moment, to immerse yourself in your own history. Mariclair's artwork, can be found all over the world: in Canada, Europe, and the United States. "You paint good abstracts, which is very rare. Many, under the pretext of abstraction, do nothing but daub. A good painting, whether figurative or abstract, must be able to meet the same criteria of analysis, balanced and dynamic composition, flexible and controlled drawing, nuanced values and well-tuned colors. Originality, diversity and sincerity of feeling. Nature inspires you and with good reason. She is our only master. It produces itself superb abstracts. Everything in nature is beautiful.  Only the work of man is often of questionable taste when he forgets that he is part of it. Nature teaches us above all that great beauty is to be found in fine nuances. I have been pondering these thoughts on abstract art for a long time, your work has given me the opportunity to finally write them”.

*. Denis Jacques Grand Master of Fine Arts, Founder and Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec and Honorary Member of the Institute of Figurative Arts of Quebec.

No Limit!
Dimensions :  48 x 48
Irrésistible attirance
Dimensions :  48 x 72
English garden
Dimensions : 48 x 60
Free to fly
Dimensions : 50 x 38
All of me
Dimensions : 36 x 36
Inter relié
Dimensions : tryptique 3x 60 x 30
Dimensions : 48 x 48
En route vers l'abondance
Dimensions : 24 x 48
Grandeur d'âme
Dimensions : 60 x 30
Choisir sa destinée
Dimensions : 30 x 40
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