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Marie Danielle Leblanc


“Don't fight against something, defend something. I defend freedom, peace, abundance and love. Marie-Danielle Leblanc is an award-winning Canadian artist with international exposure. In the spirit of environmentalism, Leblanc creates his works from hot beeswax and dry pigments on cherry wood boards. His paintings range from abstract landscapes to pop art animal portraits. Leblanc's paintings are joyful, playful and peaceful works of art.

Artistic approach


As the kilometers go by, Leblanc likes to write down thoughts or reflections, write down the names of places or the weather, take photos or collect images, the travel diary is made for her. Driving on the asphalt of the highways or in the solitudes of the plains, walking on long beaches or wet rocks, it is through her escapades that she makes us discover landscapes that stretch to the horizon. Depending on the time of day, depending on the climate and the seasons, the artist Leblanc offers you a taste for the sea breeze, for everything that is in the open air. The beauty of his landscapes is largely based on the spontaneity of the gesture and a certain desire for risk. Considered as an abstract composition, his landscapes result in a set of horizontal bands blending into each other. The immense accumulation, of tones from the lightest to the darkest, and the superimpositions intensify the play of textures and colors. In addition, the material makes alcoves or shrinks, deforms or causes fragmentation. Some reflections of the sky and the sea come to land at the edge of the shore. Or again, the vaporous mixtures hide the perspectives and the forms gradually fade to come to die in the white sand or the blue of the sea. Leblanc persuades the viewer to see more than what is in the painting. She transforms place names – Mar Mediterrania, Lanta Paradis, Tea Bay, Cap de Tortosa or Bird Point – into poetic universes. Near her dwell a land and a sea: her sea, her land to which her inspiration is linked. A field of flowers, an evening mist and a majestic sunset set the horizon ablaze and transport the viewer to timeless imaginary landscapes. This artist is fond of an approach through matter – her creative power giving her a permanent fascination. She has developed her own style - almost a signature. Its iconography leads to the creation of a bare space, a territory that can be contemplated and explored. It offers us the experience of a meditative process, testimony to a renewed contemplation of the horizon.

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